Worder - The Nine-Letter Word Game

Available: 30th October 2008

Worder for iPhone (and iPad) is a challenging word game which tests your ability to find words within a set of nine letters.

The object of the game is to make as many words as possible.. and find the one word using all nine letters too.

Worder has no timers, explosions or music, just sit down for a relaxing game of Worder.. playing at your own pace.

Worder includes many game options, including a "Shared Letter" mode where all words should include the highlighted letter, or standard mode that allows you to use all letters.

The minimum word length for a game can also be selected, which can limit the number of words that need to be found.

Worder also includes 6 difficulty levels, so that Worder can cater for those who are intimidated by games with large word sets, to those people who are word game experts. Level 6 includes all words, where lower levels include a subset of the entire word list, based on how commonly words are used in everyday language/text.

You can challenge your friends by sending your current game for them to play. See if they can beat your score.

Available in the App Store now.


"If your looking for a good word game that's simple to use with no frills then buy this. I love the simplicity of it and main reason for my purchase. Sometimes I want to play a quiet word game without all the glitz and noise and this one I can play peacefuly. I haven't any problems using it and find the words ok but you will find word variations in any word game. Tried the free version first before I decided. I recommend this to all. Nice game Peter!"

"It's on my first page. It's my favorite 'go to app.' Never get's old"

"This game is so fun I could play it all day"

"Thank you for the update, the game is now excellent. I don't know how you managed to control the difficulty level of word choices, but you've done it! We are on level 5 (out of 6) and the words are challenging but there's not a single obscure word (many games, including the two I mention next, have problems with words no one has ever heard or seen). My wife and I play this often, it's now our favorite word game, alongside of Wurdle (boggle) and Lexitron (anagrams)."

"Simple and so enjoyable! Well-designed. I'm very happy I found this."


  • Currently contains a database of 55000 words.
  • Choose the minimum input word length for your game. 3-5 letters.
  • Shows the total number of words for the game, and how many have been found.
  • Shows the percentage of words found.
  • Game progress is saved, and can be resumed.
  • Shows the words for the game, once the game is over. Separates found and missed words.
  • Shake the board to shuffle the letters.
  • Challenge friends by emailing them your current game.
  • Shared Letter mode means a selected letter must appear in every word.
  • Game menu translations for English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Choose the difficulty level. (This translates to how common a word is. A Green X will show if you select a word above the current game level)

    Update 3.3 (August 2012):

  • Fixes for iOS 6 rotation problems.
  • Some enhancements for visually impaired players.

    Update 3.1 (August 2012):
  • Game Styles now purchasable/selectable.
  • Updated instructions to reflect how to sort selected word list in new styled game.
  • Fixed issue with Worder Challenge code.

    Update 3.0 (July 2012):

  • New Style.

    Update 2.3 (July 2010):

  • Shuffle button on the iPad.
  • Information Popups.
  • Help on the Configuration Page.

    Update 2.2 (May 2010):

  • Option to disable icon badges.
  • Fixed regression to older icon.
  • Other small fixes, related to translations and UI

    Update 2.1 (April 2010):

  • iPad Suppport.
  • Replay game option.
  • Shows words remain as badge on icon.

    Update 2.0 (March 2010):

  • Fixed crash on game completion.
  • Fixed problems with selecting text in the game completion word list.
  • Removed derogatory and obscene words from the Worder word database.

    Update 1.9 (March 2010):

  • Updated Background of Game Board.
  • Fixed crashes on inserting word.
  • More memory management.

    Update 1.8 (March 2010):

  • Fixed Crash when using "Shake to Shuffle".
  • Fixed problems with selecting text in the Word List box.

    Update 1.7 (February 2010):

  • Restyled Interface.
  • Menus internationlized. (Includes Italian transliation)

    Update 1.6 (January 2010):

  • Prompt user if they want to cancel the current game before starting a new game.

    Update 1.5 (20th February 2009):

  • Now shows a green cross when the word is identified by Worder, but not at the curent game level.
  • Added a loading dialog when the game starts and accesses the database.
  • New Indexes in the database to speed up processing

    Update 1.4 (4th February 2009):

  • Added "Shared-Letter" game mode, which requires a specified letter to be included in each word.
  • Added "Worder Challenge" functionality. Allows you to challenge friends by emailing them a game.
  • Added buttons to sort the entered word list by alpha, or entry order.
  • Several UI changes.

    Update 1.3 (6th January 2009):

  • Bug Fix, where word was rejected, but still existed in the final word list.
  • Added ability to show rejected word with cross. This allows you to check the word you entered was right. (Setup Option)
  • Moved the + button, so you don't accidently press the clear or forfiet button.
  • Made the letters on the game board bigger.
  • Worder Free released with small subset of the total 9-letter words.

    Update 1.2 (15th December 2008):

  • Popups removed. Shows transparent icons for validation when words are entered.
  • Shuffle words by shaking your iPhone/iTouch.
  • Selectable difficulty level. Levels 1-6. (3 is the level implemented before the update).
  • Word List increased from 32000 words to 55000 words.
  • Word lookup process optimised with new database structure. Also reduces database size.

    Update 1.1 (15th November 2008):

  • Removed the blank Worder Preferences menu from Settings menu.
  • Minor UI changes.

    Tested with the following Equipment:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad

    Known Issues:

  • Small delay on the initial load of the game. (The word database is copied to a writable directory).
  • Worder currently uses a freely available word list. This may include/exclude words you don't deem correct. Please send through words that you would like removed from the dictionary. If valid, these will be excluded in the following update.

    Please contact me here with bug reports..