Worder French

Worder French - The French Nine-Letter Word Game

Available: 19th February 2009

Worder Français, le jeu de mot de neuf lettres, permettra de tester vos connaissances et vous divertir pendant des heures.

Le jeu consiste à deviner tous les mots qui peuvent être fabriqués à partir de la combinaison de 9 lettres. Toutes les lettres forment aussi une lettre du 9 mot.

Worder contient actuellement une base de données d'environ 51000 mots, ce qui équivaut à environ 11.000 jeux uniques.

Pour entrer un mot, appuyez sur chaque lettre dans l'ordre souhaité. Chaque mot doit être d'au moins 3 lettres de long. Pour ajouter ce mot à votre liste, cliquez sur le bouton +. Pour vider votre boîte de saisie, sélectionnez le bouton -.

Worder contient des pluriels, mais pas les pronoms ou des acronymes.

Vous pouvez renoncer à tout moment en appuyant sur le drapeau. Vous ne serez pas en mesure de retourner le jeu après la confiscation.

Worder French , the nine-letter word game, will test your knowledge and keep you entertained for hours. Play alone on the sofa, train or bus, or get your friends to help out at the pub.

The game involves guessing all the words that can be made from combinations of 9 letters. All the letters also make up one 9 letter word.

Worder currently contains a database of approximately 51000 words, which equates to about 11,000 unique games.

To enter a word, tap on each letter in the desired order. Each word must be at least 3 letters in length. To add the word to your list, select the + button. To clear your input box, select the - button.

Worder contains plurals, but not pronouns or acronyms.

You can forfeit at anytime by tapping the flag. You will not be able to return the game after forfeiting.


  • Currently contains a database of 55000 words.
  • Choose the minimum input word length for your game. 3-5 letters.
  • Shows the total number of words for the game, and how many have been found.
  • Shows the percentage of words found.
  • Game progress is saved, and can be resumed.
  • Shows the words for the game, once the game is over. Separates found and missed words.
  • Shake the board to shuffle the letters.
  • Challenge friends by emailing them your current game.
  • Shared Letter mode means a selected letter must appear in every word.
  • Game menu translations for English, French, Italian and Spanish

    Update 2.2 (May 2010):

  • Option to disable icon badges.
  • Other small fixes, related to translations and UI

    Update 2.1 (April 2010):

  • iPad Support.
  • Database Optimization.
  • Replay game option.
  • New Styling.
  • New instructions page.
  • Shows words remain as badge on icon.

    Tested with the following Equipment:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS

    Known Issues:

  • Small delay on the initial load of the game. (The word database is copied to a writable directory).
  • Worder currently uses a freely available word list. This may include/exclude words you don't deem correct. Please send through words that you would like removed from the dictionary. If valid, these will be excluded in the following update.

    Please contact me here with bug reports..